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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I choose a wedding photographer?
A:It is such an important decision when it comes to who your photographer will be. You want your wedding day to run smoothly, be beautiful, and to really enjoy it like no other. There is so much pre-planning and a whirlwind of events that lead up to your wedding, but once the day has come and gone, your photographs remain to hold the moments of your special day. These images become your memories. How do you want to remember your day?

REFERRALS. There are so many photographers. How do you narrow your selection? Personal referrals are a great way to collect names of people you may want to consider. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. You want to find out who had a great experience in working with a photographer, and also loved the results they produced.

WEBSITES. Websites are also key in narrowing your selection. This way you get a chance to browse portfolios without even stepping into someone's studio. You get a feel for their work, background, and what they're all about. Its a great way to pre-qualify your photographer.

PERSONALITY. After you've made a list, call and ask questions. If you are calling a photographer in your area or within driving distance, definitely check if they offer a free consultation and will meet with you in person. Some couples hire photographers out of the area whose work they love, or fly them out to a unique wedding location for a destination wedding. In those cases, when meeting in person may not be possible, be sure to spend time talking with them on the phone. It is important to choose someone you like and feel completely at ease with. You will be spending most of your wedding day with them and the connection you make with the photographers will come through in your images.

STYLE. Besides personality, style is essential. You should find a photographer whose work you connect with and love. They should be well versed and adept in their style. You want to not only see a portfolio of their current work, which gives a great overview, you also need to see entire weddings. This will show you whether they have consistency in their skill and artistry.

We always say that you should love the photographer and their work. Then reserve them as soon as possible.   (FAQ)

Q: Who are the Photographers for Painted Pixels Photography?
A: Painted Pixels Photography is family owned and operated by  David & Cheryl Williams ,   both providing photographic coverage for every wedding (and most events). We feel there are many advantages to having two wedding photographers... we can shoot from two different angles or locations; we can literally be in two places at once to capture all the action. For instance, during the ceremony, one may be up in the balcony shooting a wide-angle view, while the other is near the altar getting a close-up shot of the bride’s eyes tearing up. Although we work wonderfully together, we also shoot from two different perspectives, sometimes even when shooting the same scene. One might tell the overall story while the other is shooting an artistic detail of the same story. Having two skilled photographers allows us to capture much more detail of your wedding. Being a wedding photography team is also good insurance in the instance where a guest might step in front of one photographer at a crucial moment, or if a camera fails there will still be another professional ready for action. Having two photographers makes a big difference in the end product - offering greater coverage, multiple perspectives, and a larger volume of final images to choose from.   (FAQ)

Q: Do you shoot film or digital?
A: We shoot only in digital RAW capture. Both film and digital cameras capture and record light. Film cameras do so by exposing the film to light. Digital cameras use an electronic sensor instead of film. Both formats are capable of producing stellar images in the hands of an experienced professional.   (FAQ)

Q: What is the difference between Digital RAW Capture and JPEG?
A: All digital point-and-shoots produce JPEG images, while high-end cameras have the ability to produce JPEG images or RAW images. High-end cameras shooting RAW capture at least 12 bits, or 4096 shades, of tonal information per pixel. The JPEG format, however, is limited to 8 bits per channel per pixel, so when you shoot JPEG, you’re trusting the camera’s built-in raw converter to throw away a large amount of the captured data in a way that will hopefully do the image justice.

When you shoot JPEG, a raw converter built into the camera carries out all the tasks to turn the raw capture into a color image. The camera compresses the image using JPEG compression, locking in the camera’s interpretation of the scene. While JPEG does a decent job of preserving luminance data, it applies heavy compression to the color data, which can lead to issues with skin tones and gentle gradations if you try to edit the JPEG.

When we shoot in RAW capture, we get unparalleled control over the interpretation of the image. The only on-camera settings that have an effect on the captured pixels are the ISO speed, the shutter speed, and the aperture setting. Everything else is under the photographer's control when converting the raw file during the post-process workflow; we can reinterpret the white balance, the calorimetric rendering, the tonal response, and the detail rendition (sharpening and noise reduction) with a great deal of freedom, producing the highest quality image possible.  (FAQ)

Q: Do you photograph other events or parties?
A: Yes. because our passion is in photo-journalistic, candid photography we especially enjoy shooting lifestyle and  event photography;  ; we shoot events such as fundraisers, anniversary and birthday parties, wedding and baby showers, family reunions, and sporting events. Call us to discuss your photography needs!   (FAQ)

Q: Is your style more traditional or more photo-journalistic?
A: We offer both a  traditional style   and a  photo-journalistic, candid style   of photography. When photographing a wedding we prefer to shoot most of the day in a true photo-journalistic style, capturing moments as they unfold; but we also allow time to photograph the traditional group shots that most couples desire. Our goal is to focus our attention to detail while remaining unobtrusive, which allows us to capture those heartwarming, candid moments.

While shooting in a more Traditional style, we'll include the common group shots of the Bride & Groom with the wedding party and with family members. This is an important part of recording your family history at your wedding, but it's also a small portion of the day. We can get the group shots done in a short amount of time when it's well organized. To help minimize your stress on your special day, it's a good idea to designate someone before your wedding to help organize, and gather the people who you want included in your group shots. Our job is to give a little direction when needed, and to take beautiful pictures. We don't need a long list of "must have" photographs for the wedding day, simply because we are familiar with common shots to be taken; however, we'd like you to specify anything that is particularly special to you, or the details about anything that is unique to your wedding. We'll be sure to discuss all these details with you in the pre-wedding consultation.

Our Wedding Photojournalism illustrates heartfelt emotions. It avoids the prompted and posed look of traditional style photography, and offers little or no intrusion. A reason for its popularity is due to the editorial style of photography seen in wedding magazines, like Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and Town & Country. Another reason wedding photojournalism is a preferred style by today's modern couple is for the personal and comprehensive coverage that is given to each wedding, providing an individual and unique quality to each couple's photos, and to their wedding album.   (FAQ)

Q: What can I expect during my portrait session?
A: Most of our  Portrait Sessions;  take place on location using natural lighting. Outdoor venues make beautiful and natural portraits. We prefer to use outdoor venues as our studio and backdrop, or we can also schedule the session in your home where you and your children are most comfortable. When natural lighting is not available we provide subtle lighting by bringing our portable studio to your session. We invite you to be creative when planning your photo session and we encourage you to consider unique locations, with rich and unique textures for backgrounds, in the Raleigh and surrounding areas.  (FAQ)

Q: How many hours are included?
A: Your portrait session will last anywhere from one to two hours, however we don't charge extra when sessions go over. We always take our time to ensure that you have plenty of photographs to choose from! Our wedding sessions vary depending on the package you choose; please see our  Package Offerings  for more information on our wedding coverage and the packages that we provide.  (FAQ)

Q: How many shots will you take?
A: This depends on your photo session or event, and the number of hours that you've hired us to shoot. Typically we shoot between 100 and 1200 photos per event; for weddings we shoot approximately 50 photos per hour / per photographer; for portrait sessions we offer our clients approximately 50 post-processed digital images to choose from.   (FAQ)

Q: Can my photos be converted to black and white?
A: Yes. Because we always shoot in digital RAW capture, we can provide your photos in the tonal style that you prefer. All images from your event are available in color, black-and-white, or sepia toning; our post-process workflow includes customizing select images to be presented in black-and-white, or with other creative tonal enhancements.  (FAQ)

Q: Can I keep the negatives or high-resolution files?
A: Two of our packages offer you the opportunity to choose 200 of your favorite high-res images (presented in DVD format). We also offer you the option to purchase all of your finished images, complete with non-exclusive reprint licensing. Please see our  Package Offerings  for more information on the packages that we provide.   (FAQ)

Q: What types of photo developing and printing are available?
A: Because we shoot all images in Digital RAW capture, "photo developing" is accomplished in our post-process workflow. "Post-process" means a few things. First we discard the images that we find unacceptable due to eye flutters, sneezes, wheezes, itches, or other unflattering moments. Next, each RAW image is evaluated, and if needed edited for white balance, colorimetric rendering, tonal response, and detail rendition (sharpening and noise reduction) to provide the highest quality image possible. We then customize select images to be presented in black-and-white, or with other creative tonal enhancements.

A  Secure online Client Gallery  is provided to every client for viewing your proofs or ordering prints. Each client is given a unique username & password that can be shared with family and friends. We offer several options from your private gallery to purchase individual prints or specially priced portrait packages. If there's a finishing or print option that you'd like and it is not available in from within your gallery, just give us a call and we'll work with you to get your photographs printed exactly as you'd like them. All of are images are printed by a professional print lab using the highest quality finishing options.  (FAQ)

Q: Do you travel?
A: Yes, we love to travel! For any event within one hour of Raleigh there is no charge. There is an additional mileage fee for travel over one hour. If travel requires an overnight stay we ask that you cover our hotel expenses; for early morning weddings a two night stay may be required, depending on the distance from Raleigh.   (FAQ)

Q: Do we need to book ahead?
A: Yes. In order to maintain a high level of service, we photograph a select number of weddings a year. This allows us to complete post-processing, and deliver your photographs and album in a few short months. Please call us for availability.

For Portraiture and event photography, all sessions are by appointment only.  (FAQ)

Q: Do we need to pay a deposit?
A: Yes. We offer a free consultation for all wedding photography and encourage couples to call for an appointment. During the consultation we'll discuss your needs and the services we provide. If you'd like, we can go over the contract during the consultation or you can bring it home with you, along with our information packet, to read over at your leisure. At the time of signing the contract a non-refundable $400 retainer fee is required to secure your date. The deposit will be applied toward your remaining balance. You will be invoiced for the remaining balance, which is due 30-days prior to your wedding date.

For Event Photography, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your session date and time; balance is due on the day of your photo shoot. The deposit will be applied to your session fee.

For Portraiture, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your session date and time; balance is due on the day of your photo shoot. The deposit will be applied to your session fee


Q: When can I see my proofs?
A: Two weeks after your wedding or portrait session, your finished proofs will be presented to you in your private  Client Gallery . Each client is given a unique username & password that can be shared with family and friends. We offer several options from your private gallery to purchase individual prints or specially priced portrait packages. Prints typically arrive within 3 - 4 weeks after ordering.   (FAQ)


Our Mission
Striving to capture the essence, the personality, the true beauty of people through portraiture. We love to capture life's special moments, and our quest is to create timeless works of art to ensure your memories are preserved for generations to come.

Painted Pixels Photography is a  family-owned business , and what we offer our clients in our unique style of photography comes from the joy we experience when interacting with life. We maintain a relaxed atmosphere, preferring to capture life's spontaneous moments as they happen. We shoot the moments as we see them, in a fun and creative way. Our goal is to provide you with quality service and artistry.


Doing Business with Us
WEDDINGS  : Our Complimentary Consultation:   Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. Because your day is so special, we feel it's important to meet with you before you book your wedding photography with us. It's very important to us that you like our photographic style, and you feel confident that we'll tell your love story the way that you want it to be told. Our complimentary consultation is a good time to get acquainted and to discuss your photography needs, the general itinerary for your wedding day, and the services that we offer. During the consultation we can go over the contract agreement, or you can take it and our information packet, with you to read over at your leisure.

Once you've decided to hire us to photograph your wedding, a $400 retainer fee along with your signed contract is is required to secure your wedding date. This can be done during the consultation, or mailed back to us if you prefer. Your booking is complete after we receive the retainer fee and signed contract and we will then reserve your date. Because we want to give you our best service, we will not schedule any other photography services for that day.

Pre-Wedding Consultation:   A month or so before your wedding, or before your first photo session if your wedding package includes an engagement session, bridal session, or any other pre-wedding portrait session, we'll schedule a meeting to go over your wedding in detail. We'll discuss the venue locations and any photography restrictions that may be in place; the timeline of your ceremony and reception; formal portraits that we typically shoot and the "must-have", special shots that are unique to your wedding. The pre-wedding consultation is a great chance for us to verify that we'll be providing exactly the services you need... The result: Real smiles. Real laughter. Real emotion... the true story of your love!


PORTRAITURE  : A little planning goes a long way when it comes to portraiture. There's literally no end to the possibilities for your portrait, and considering the choices is half of the fun. Your children may be best portrayed while relaxing at home, playing outdoors, or in front of the timeless simplicity of a background. Maybe you enjoy the classic look of being formally dressed, or you might feel that a casual jeans and sweater outfit would be more suited to your style. These are just a few of the details that should be considered ahead of time. The more planning we do in advance, the happier you will be with your finished portrait. Whether done in person, via telephone, or through email, our consultation meeting will help you consider the wide variety of portrait possibilities and help us to understand your preferences or any concerns you may have. Together, we can decide on the location, clothing, and mood that will best enhance your unique personality.

The Portrait Session: We make it fun! It's our job to put you and your family at ease, to create the right lighting, and to make the exposure at that perfect moment. The best expressions come naturally. Your unique personality will be captured when you're comfortable, and not trying too hard to force that "perfect smile". When photographing very young children we may ask that you play a supporting role, staying near during the session and perhaps even playing a favorite game with baby to bring out those expressions as only mom & dad can. Please feel free to bring extra clothes or any special props that may be meaningful to you, or to your child. These little details are wonderful additions in making your portrait uniquely you. We always take plenty of photos to provide you with a good variety of poses and expressions to choose from.

Viewing Your Images: Today's technology makes it easier than ever to see your photos. Two weeks after your wedding day or portrait session, we will provide you with an online, password-protected  Client Gallery . Your gallery will allow you to view, select, and even order your portraits online... at your own pace, on your own schedule, and without pressure. Please feel free to share your gallery and password with friends and family members who would like to see your pictures or order prints. You can feel confident that if you have questions about your prints, we will be glad to answer them or to offer assistance in choosing sizes and finishes.

Picking Up Your Finished Portraits: For  Portraiture  and  Event Photography , your prints will typically arrive within 3 - 4 weeks after ordering.

Because we photograph a select number of  Weddings  per year to maintain a high level of service, this allows us to be able to deliver your finished wedding photographs within a few short months. Every album is custom designed and finished. The process consists of several steps, including image choice and proofing. Each layout is created with your individual specifications in mind... the leathers, inks, dyes, and archival-quality papers used in production are top of the line. At the end of the process, we want to present you with a unique fine art book with images that dance off the pages, a book that will last for generations, hold up to repeated handling, and store well. To put it plainly, our albums are of impeccable quality. Because of this it can take as little as two months or can go on indefinitely, depending on your response time.

Please Remember: We are not a chain photography studio and do not operate like one. All business is conducted by appointment only. We'd love to hear from you. Email us today at  for further information or to schedule an appointment.


Getting the Most out of your Portrait Session:

Memorable portraits take a little planning, and the clothing you choose can be important to your portrait's success. These guidelines highlight some often overlooked or forgotten tips that will help you to make important decisions about your portrait.

For Everyone:
  • Even if you are tempted to try a new haircut just before the sitting, this is generally not a good idea. Keep the hairstyle that you know you like. No matter how great a photo turns out, you won't be happy with your portrait if you don't like how your hair looks.
  • Choose solid colored clothes and not a material with a print, which can be distracting. Long skirts and pants are better than shorts or short skirts, Long sleeves are a better choice for teens and adults, as bare arms or bare legs will take away from the subject.
For Children:
  • If your child uses a pacifier, try to limit use of it prior to the sitting to avoid a red ring around the child's mouth.
  • Socks can also leave a mark on the skin if they are too tight. Keep this in mind if your child will go barefooted in the portrait.
  • Little 'boo-boos' can show up in the photographs. Sometimes this is desirable, but if not retouching can be considered. We offer minor retouching free of charge, but extensive retouching requires an additional fee.
  • Sick children do not photograph well. If your child is sick, please reschedule the session. We would much rather work with you to reschedule your session than to try to coax a smile out of your child when they're not feeling well.
For Families:
  • With couples, families, or any group portrait you should be well coordinated; not matching necessarily, unless 'matching' is the look you're going for. Choose clothing in the same tonal ranges so that no single member of the family stands out from clothing that is too light or too bright, as compared to the rest of the group.
  • The goal of any fine portrait is to direct the viewer's attention to the subjects face in the portrait. Simple long-sleeved garments in medium to dark tones of brown, rust, burgundy, green or blue are pleasing choices.

We'd love to hear from you. Email us today at  for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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